Capture the moment

with interactive video notes

Quickly capture interactive, timestamped notes alongside any video.

Save video notebooks

Save all of your notebooks in one place

Keep all of your notes in one place so you can always find them later.

Timestamped notes

See your notes in the right context

Notes are automatically linked to the time in the video when they were created.

Share your notebooks

Invite anyone to view or edit your notebook

Learn better together with a shared video notebook.

Fullscreen mode

Create and access your notes while watching videos in fullscreen mode.

Export your notes

Easily bring your notes into your existing notetaking workflow.

Coming soon

Star important notes

Highlight more important notes to find them more easily later.

Coming soon

Beautiful themes

Personalize your learning experience with themes that fit you.

Coming soon

The Plan

Public beta opening on September 29th

Since Noteo has gotten so much positive feedback, I've pinned the date for public beta to start! Once public beta opens, anyone will be able to use Noteo and help me make it even more awesome!

Check out the roadmap to see what I'm currently working on and to vote on the features that are most valuable to you.


The Story

Years ago, I was sharpening my web development skills, trying to land my first job in web development. I watched countless Youtube videos that taught me so much.

The problem is, I’ve forgotten vitually all of those videos, and the notes I took on them are never to be seen again. All I wanted to do at the time was focus on learning. Coming up with a system for documenting what I was learning, in a way that I could reference later, was just too complicated at the time.

I did attempt to take notes in the beginning, but it was just way too much effort switching back and forth between Youtube and Notion, then later having to organize everything and figure out which notes were connected to which video lesson.️

I’m building an app, that solves this simple problem. How do I quickly capture notes from the videos I’m learning from so I can easily find them and use them later?

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Kelsey Gittens